Next generation cherries – for a digital world

On the very edge of Aspley Guise, a picturesque village in Bedfordshire, grows 2,000 sweet cherry trees on a small family farm. English Cherry is the archetypal family venture – a labour of love between father and daughter.

After forty years of flying large commercial jets across the globe, airline pilot Rupert Mount was thinking about his long retirement. After a chance reading of The Fruit Grower, which talked of a shortage of English cherries, a passion was ignited.

Rupert is no stranger to fruit farming and was able to call upon 20 years of experience growing strawberries for the PYO market in his ‘spare time’. So in 2006, over 1,000 cherry trees were planted and nurtured with the very best care and attention. In 2009 the first fruits of his labour were sold in the old Farm Shop, which now comes back to life for four weeks of every year, each July. There are 7 different varieties on the farm (from Sweetheart to Vanda), all with their individual attributes and ripening times. This extends the length of the season by allowing the business to supply perfectly ripe fruit for a longer period of time.

Loyal customers return year after year for exquisite big, sweet and juicy cherries of the highest quality – often on a daily basis throughout the season. The farm shop has become a bustling meeting place for customers and friends who love to discuss the harvest, learn more about the growing year and swap imaginative cherry recipes.

This passion and excitement for lovingly grown, local produce has heralded the next generation’s involvement. Daughter Angie and her husband Charlie have, this year, planted a further 900 trees on the farm, which should start producing fruit in 2016. An authentic family business with quality and enthusiasm at its core, English Cherry, is passionate about promoting its beautiful fruit locally and, from 2013, on the Internet!

Whether it is a treat for yourself or a gift for a friend visit our online store to purchase our beautifully packaged cherries each July!

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