Loyal customers from the Milton Keynes region support local produce! Thank you!!

On the very edge of Aspley Guise, a picturesque village near Woburn, grows 2,000 sweet cherry trees on our small family farm. English Cherry is the archetypal family venture – a labour of love between father and daughter. Rupert’s trees were planted in 2006, with Angie’s (a further 900 trees) planted six years later. It looks like Angie’s trees will bear fruit of substance for the first time this year (weather permitting), so we should have plenty of high quality cherries to sell.

Loyal customers from the Milton Keynes region return year after year to support our small family business and buy gigantic, sweet and juicy cherries of the highest quality – often on a daily basis throughout the season. The weather conditions over recent months have been kind and promise to provide us with a good crop, but the season is likely to start a little later than usual – probably around mid-late July. So please visit the Farm Shop, which is adjacent to the railway station (and is ironically called “The Strawberry Farm”) or visit one of our network of sales outlets in lay bays around the region. The Farm Shop will be open 7 days a week during the season (from 9am-6pm).

Those interested in novel corporate gifts or thank you, get well soon or congratulatory presents may also like to consider the option of our beautifully packaged mail order cherry boxes delivered next day. Visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter (on www.englishcherry.co.uk ) or follow us on @englishcherry for  more details or to keep up-to-date with developments as the season approaches.

We are nothing without our loyal customers! Thank you so very much for your support!

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