Care of cherries

Care and love of fresh ripe red English cherriesWe only sell fresh cherries, so it is important to understand how best to look after our fruit if you are going to enjoy them at their very best.

Below we provide advice on the storage and treatment of our fruit in order to keep it in the best possible condition.

Storage and care of fresh cherries in the fridge


Fresh cherries are best kept unwashed in the fridge in a plastic container with lid leaving their strigs intact. Wash the cherries when you are ready to eat them. If stored correctly cherries can keep for up to seven days or more allowing you to savour one of our special gift boxes for even longer!

Removing the Stones

Cherry or olive stoners can be purchased in kitchenware shops or follow the side bar link for our suggestion. English Cherry recommend buying a strong stoner if you wish to use it for many years and do wear rubber gloves to prevent the juice staining your hands!

Freezing cherries

Remove the strigs, place in a lidded plastic container destoned or with their stones and cool the cherries in the fridge for an hour. Then transfer the container with cherries to the freezer.

To defrost put in fridge to defrost slowly. De-stone while partially frozen then you could simmer gently in their juices for 3 minutes and serve with ice cream or cream for an easy winter dessert Рquite delicious!

Enjoy fresh cherries, a delicious healthy snack for your family

Enjoy fresh cherries, like Zara here, a delicious healthy snack for your family

Fresh cherries dipped in rich dark chocolate