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    Welcome to the English Cherry Company! For 4 weeks every July & August, we pick delicious sweet red cherries from just under 2,000 cherry trees from our orchards in Bedfordshire. We sell our cherries through our farm shop, roadside stalls and local farm shops. For those further afield, we can send cherries in bulk by courier.

    We are the archetypal family farm, run by two generations, in the picturesque village of Aspley Guise. We are passionate about the quality of our produce, customer care and attention to detail. To support the best of local, British and seasonal produce; look no further. Look our for our blossom walk in April/May for an opportunity to come and explore the farm.

  • 2018 Cherry Season!

    We are now OPEN at our farm shop in Aspley Guise (daily 9am - 6pm). All of our other outlets are also now open - see our Contact Us page for details and directions. See our updates below regarding which variety we are currently picking. If you have a favourite variety - feel free to call ahead to check it is in stock. It is great to see so man of our loyal customers back again! Thank you for your support x

    **GDPR alert** - we sent an email to current subscribers to resubscribe when the new GDPR rules came into law. If you missed this, please subscribe again at the bottom of this page. We promise we will only ever contact you by email newsletter a handful of times per year just to tell you when we are opening, closing and when the blossom walk is on. We never give your details to any third parties. As a small family farm we really do rely on our local customers and this important method of communication.


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  • Now picking Penny

    Update Tuesday 17th July – our early varieties of Sylvia, Vanda, Summer Sun and Kordia were a flash in the pan and we are now well into the Penny. Penny is absolutely superb this year and the best quality we’ve ever seen. It is a redder cherry – big – juicy and one of our favourites. There will be a small final pick of some of our earlier varieties and then we will be moving on to Regina towards the end of the week. Regina is a big black cherry and super sweet.

  • Farming update Summer 2018

    After blossom time the fruit set initially looked good but if you recall the cold and wet spell that we had in April, this turned out to affect cell division. This meant that some of the fruilets on our earlier varieties failed to grow and fell of the tree during June (known as “run off” or the “June drop”). Disappointing as it is, the remaining fruit will often be better quality as the tree puts all of its energy into these. The latter half of the crop is looking good however so we expect it to be a season of two halves! The lovely sunshine we are currently experiencing is good for our fruit to ripen and we are busy irrigating due to lack of rain. 

  • Gift boxes of cherries by mail order

    It is with regret that we will not be sending out our gift boxes of cherries by courier delivery this year (except for bulk orders over the phone (10 boxes +). The manpower, expense and regulatory issues of selling cherries online are sadly too onerous for a business running such a short selling season. We hope that you will be able to make a visit to the farm or one of our other outlets instead to collect your fresh cherries! 

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