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  • Welcome to English Cherry

    Welcome to the English Cherry Company! For 4 weeks every July & August, we pick delicious sweet red cherries from just under 2,000 cherry trees from our orchards in Bedfordshire. We sell our cherries through our farm shop, roadside stalls and local farm shops. For those further afield, we can send larger quantities of cherries by courier.

    We are the archetypal family farm, run by two generations, in the picturesque village of Aspley Guise. We are passionate about the quality of our produce, customer care and attention to detail. To support the best of local, British and seasonal produce; look no further. Look out for our blossom walk in April/May for an opportunity to come and explore the farm.

  • 2020 Cherry Season

    Dear Cherry Lovers

    The Farm Shop will be opening on Wednesday 8th July from 9am - 6pm daily. Our Woburn and A421 laybys will also be opening on Wednesday 8th July.  Ampthill and Shefford will follow shortly afterwards.

    As a reminder, we sell READY PICKED CHERRIES only. Contactless payment is available at the Farm Shop but it is cash only at the Lay-bys so please take change if possible.

    All cherries are £7.50/kg. At our lay-bys, punnet sizes are rounded up to whole pounds in order to reduce handling of change. (533g for £4, 1.067kg for £8 - all equivalent to £7.50/kg) .

    Please maintain 2 metres social distance at all times when visiting the farm to keep you, our staff and other customers safe.

    Very best wishes

    Liz, Rupert, Angie and Charlie + Sophie & Peppa

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  • M1 Bridge/Road Closure

    Road Closure – Please note that the bridge over the M1 between Salford and Woburn Sands is currently closed. We heard a rumour it could be open for the cherry season and will let you know if it does. 

  • First varieties

    Our first varieties will be Vanda, Kordia, Summer Sun and Sylvia which all appear in the first 10 days. All varieties have their own unique flavour – all equally delicious! 

  • Farming Update – Spring time

    The cherries are looking better than thought, after the hard frosts of mid-May and Vanda has yielded a small crop for the first time ever. On reopening next week, we will have a small crop of Kordia, Summer Sun and Sylvia. All will be 2 day wonders due to the up and down weather in spring! Hot on their heels will be the ever popular Penny & Regina which are both looking promising. We hope you come and try them all! 

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