Buy cherries


We have our own sellers in the following locations on and close to the farm. You will know it is us as we have a notice saying “Aspley Guise cherries” or the English Cherry Co. Layby outlets are generally open EVERY DAY from approx 10 – 5pm but sometimes we’ve sold out and gone home…!

  •       The Farm Shop (Aspley Guise) – CLOSING WEDNESDAY 8TH AUGUST – APPROX. 2PM
  •       Woburn to Woburn Sands layby – CLOSING WEDNESDAY 8TH AUGUST
  •       Bow Brickhill layby –  CLOSED
  •       Ampthill lay-by A507 (near Do-little yard) –  CLOSING WEDNESDAY 8TH AUGUST
  •       A421 (roundabout before Little Horwood) – NOW CLOSED. 
  •       Shefford Bypass A507  just past turn to Esso, towards Hitchin – NOW CLOSED
  •       Milton Keynes railway station (Monday to Friday) – NOW CLOSED
  •       Buckingham Ringroad, south west side – near Esso petrol station – * NOW CLOSED. 

Other stockists include the following farm shops. Please contact them directly for availability.

  • Pell’s Farm Shop, South End Farm, Wilden MK44 2PX
  • Village Store, 17 Market Place, Woburn, Milton Keynes MK17 9PZ
  • Black Cat Farm Shop, Roxton Garden Centre, Bedford Road, Roxton, Beds MK44 3DY

We pride ourselves on providing the very best service and the highest quality of produce available. However, we also recognise that things can sometimes go wrong. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, we really would like to know about it to allow us to rectify the situation and ensure that it never happens again.

It is with regret that we will not be sending out our gift boxes of cherries by courier delivery this year (except for bulk orders over the phone (10 boxes +). The manpower, expense and regulatory issues of selling cherries online are sadly too onerous for a business running such a short selling season.

We hope that you will be able to make a visit to the farm or one of our other outlets instead to collect your fresh cherries!