About cherries

We only sell fresh cherries, so it is important to understand how best to look after our fruit if you are going to enjoy them at their very best. Within this section we provide advice on the storage of cherries and, of course, propose a number of delicious (tried & tested) recipes for you to enjoy even after the season has ended, assuming of course that you can avoid the temptation to eat them all as soon as you open the box!

What is a cherry?

The cherry tree is a plant from the genus Prunus (which includes other household fruits such as plums, apricots and nectarines). The cherry tree produces a delicious deep red ‘stone fruit’, the flavour, appearance and size of which can vary significantly between varieties and indeed depending on the weather. Stone fruits are otherwise known as ‘drupes’, which can colloquially be described as fruit ‘with fleshy outsides’ – the tasty bit! – ‘and a hard seed’ in the centre – otherwise known as the pip or stone.

The cultivated version of the cherry is derived from the species sweet cherry – a name which we believe to be highly appropriate!

Illustration of cherry varieties c1842